Friday, November 5, 2010

Are you $#@%&^* kidding me?

From Fox News:

U.N. Human Rights Council to Take Aim at New Target: United States

When the United Nations Human Rights Council, a conclave of 47 nations that includes such notorious human rights violators as China, Cuba, Libya and Saudi Arabia, meets in Geneva on Friday, its attentions will be focused on the human rights failings of a country called the United States.
Full Article here. emphasis added.
 I don't even feel like I need to say more than this. 

The United States, a country with so many people trying to get in that we are fighting over building a wall on the border because of the immigrants literally POURING in.

Did I miss the news stories about Americans dying trying to get to Cuba in non-seaworthy vessels?

If Americans were treated so unfairly wouldn't Canada have an illegal immigration problem?

And the countries on the Council.  Can we discuss the Human Rights problems in China?  Libya?  And Saudi Arabia, really?

By even giving them a seat at the table aren't we really saying the human Rights Council is a total joke?  China forces it's women to have abortions. Saudi Arabia forces it's women to wear burkas and comprises less than 10% of the workforce.  And Libya makes both of those countries look downright progressive.  And the main difference between these countries and the USA, is that any time you chose you can leave the US.  You can buy a plane ticket or even just get in your car and drive north to Canada.  Nobody will stop you. I'm pretty sure you can't just leave China, Cuba or Libya.

Which all leaves me thinking that famous quote, no matter the outcome of the UN Human Rights Council:

"Consider the Source"

*shakes her head and walks away in total disbelief.*

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