Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Less than a month away.

The mid term elections that is.

I'm a political junkie.  I love campaigns, I love elections, I love politics.

I'm in New Jersey.  My choices are very limited.  I'm not at all energized.  I wish I lived in virtually any other state.

I want to be in a "battleground state."  I want Connecticut's epic battle between McMahon and Blumenthal.  I want Sestak and Toomey.  I want Odonnell and Coons.  I really want Angle and Reid.  Instead I've got no Senators up for re-election, a quiet incumbent for Congress, with no real competitor.  Our Congressional District is not even in the top 100 Races to watch from CNN.  Not in the top 100?  Cripes.

Our Congressman is slow and steady Conservative.  Just last year I got swept up in the Christie vs. Corzine gubanatorial race and it was exciting.  I love exciting.  I love poll numbers and the excitement of the crisp fall air and political races.

All that being said I HATE the non-stop ads.  They are everywhere.  My TV is from New York.  My talk radio is from Philadephia.  I am constantly hearing ads and I can't vote for/against the candidates.  It just serves to remind me that somewhere, somehow, someone has an exciting election going on.

It's not me.

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