Thursday, October 7, 2010

Does being a Conservative Woman in politics make you prey?

I've watched in horror over the past 2+ years as one Conservative Woman after another has been villified.  This Open Season was declared when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate and became fashionable with the midterm election primaries.  I am a Conservative Woman.  I have a daughter, I hope she will grow up to be a Conservative Woman.  I would like to get more involved, either as a talking head or an actual candidate.

And yet I look at what is happening to Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman, Sarah Palin and even Ann Coulter and I think twice.  I think about the things I've said and done in my life and I think I don't want that to be fodder for the mainstream media.  I can identify with Christine, Sharron and Sarah and wonder what I may have even forgotten that could be drudged up.  Is that really what we want to have happen?  People who feel they could do good, think they could make a contribution are scared because they may have made mistakes when they were young.

This type of life under the microscope isn't going to change.  Let's face it, Headlines yelling "Christine O'Donnell: I dabbled in witchcraft" not only sell papers, but also promote the other guy.  For the most part the reporters want to promote the other guy.  We now know that the journalists on journolist did in fact have a dog in the fight that was the 2008 Presidential Campaign.  Nobody actually believes these reporters suddenly became Conservatives, so why are we as Americans falling for more of their tricks?

Why are Sharron, Christine, Meg, Carly and all other Conservative Women not the runaway winners in their contests?  Because no matter how much money we donate to their campaigns we are constantly fighting the endless free negative advertising against them by the mainstream media. 

I am pretty sure this is not what was originally intended by "Freedom of the Press".

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